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Our passion for rivers is wilder than ever. As the owners of the Alpine Rafting, we’ve envisioned, developed and created all our adventures with you in mind. Tested on our friends & family first, we personally craft every tour. We love working behind the scenes with the Guide, Operations & Office Teams to bring you an unparalleled day on the River. We’re confident we have what it takes to bring you an unforgettable adventure!


Jimmy & Val met two decades ago when Val began training as a guide on the Kicking Horse River. In 2009, after almost a decade of adventures together, they were married while travelling in Central America. After an epic day on the river, they wed alongside the river…just the two of them and hundreds of fireflies lighting up the night sky. From there it has been game on for those two!  A couple of seriously passionate entrepreneurs spent their time as newlyweds converting a school bus into a home.Their humble beginnings mean there was a lot of hard times. The company was small, but every dollar made went into expanding.  They made a decision from day one to put all the profits back into the company and make sure the gear, the rafts and all the rest were the best they could get. Year over year, Alpine grew steadily. As the fleet expands every year, something never changes with Jimmy & Val. It never gets “old” for them. When a shiny raft arrives, it still feels like when the first one showed up. When they cook dinner for the team or throw a staff party on the river, Jimmy & Val put as much effort into it as in the beginning. They are just as excited as the day they  started – and it shows. From living in a tiny home long before it was cool, to rafting leaders in the west, Jimmy & Val know what it takes to have fun.


With 25 years and counting on the Kicking Horse River, Jimmy’s river expertise is second to none. Jimmy grew up in Golden, BC and has had Kicking Horse River in his backyard for over 4 decades. The first river experiences here on the Kicking Horse shaped his future forever.  As a young boy, Jimmy & his brother got their hands on some old wetsuits and pool flutterboards and would ‘run’ the easier sections of the river together. At 15 years old while working at the local grocery store, Jimmy saved up enough money for his first whitewater kayak. 30 years and many kayaks later, Jimmy’s passion for river is alive & well.  These days, Jimmy can usually be found at our river base, welding and customizing raft frames, sewing raft floors, renos and more renos, he is the one making everything ‘just so’. At the moment the project he is working on is a timber pavilion for Alpine Rafting’s Riverside BBQ Lunch area. His signature is definitely the Alpine Rafting timber arches that he has hand hewn and erected around the property. Jimmy has an unmistakeable eye for for perfection… well, let’s just say that perfection takes time! Many of our tours that are unique start with the spark of a ‘Jimmy idea’, and have grown to nationally acclaimed adventures, like our Wapta Falls Wild & Scenic Tour. He is extremely creative and  talented in his craft. From the moment you step onto the Alpine Rafting property, until the moment you leave, you can be sure Jimmy has been the visionary & executor behind it all.


Val grew up in Ontario until the age of 17, and after her first year of university, she packed up her chevy pickup and headed west. Val had planned to train to be a river guide, with no experience, on a pretty full on river.  In the late spring of ’98, there was a bit of a running joke that surrounded her training. Most every day it seemed she would fall out of the raft, into a different rapid each time. This wasn’t really something that happened anyone but her. By the end of her training, Val had swam most of the river!  Lucky for her, she was a lifeguard and a great swimmer. But perhaps even luckier still, she soon discovered her strengths were not in the guiding world.Val has found her passion living and breathing the Alpine brand, putting forward the best version of all the we offer to our customers.  From the moment you walk into our reception centre until it’s time to say goodbye – Val’s goal is a seamless experience from start to finish.  While her adventures these days mostly come from the tales that return from the river every day, her passion for rivers is alive & well.


We are looking forward to continuing to be at the helm together as leaders in the industry. Rolling out new experiences that echo the fun & adventure of our brand is always at the top of our list. It fuels us to know we are bringing the absolute best adventures to our customers. We will continue to enjoy sharing river experiences with our new & returning customers, friends & family. As the years go by, and now with a young family,  time seems to be going by faster than ever. One thing has remained a constant however – our passion for rivers is unwavering. With the growth of the company came the concern that our ‘mom and pop’ style would need to give way to a more corporate culture.  But it still works great – fun & Adventure has prevailed. We are invested and connected with our staff team. We are committed to their well being and love to cook for them and take them on adventures. Without their passion & dedication none of this would be possible.  We are looking forward to sharing the incredible experiences we have to offer with you.

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