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Authentically Alpine 

  • Fair Prices 

    Alpine Rafting offers very affordable whitewater rafting tours in the Canadian Rockies on the legendary Kicking Horse River. Fair pricing & great value is what you’ll get on any and all of our adventures. Our alpine river rafting trips are reasonably and fairly priced. As a family owned company we always strive to keep our prices affordable. Our Gentle Family Rafting is extremely affordable with adult and child pricing.

  • Free Rustic Riverside Camping 

    Alpine Rafting offers Rustic Riverside Camping free of charge to all our customers. A beautiful 25 acre site along the banks of the Kicking Horse River. No quiet hours, more room to roam than you need and best of all – no fees! View the Map Here

  • Awesome Put Ins & Take Outs  

    Why choose Alpine? As one of the oldest alpine river rafting operators, we have been able to secure the best put-ins and take-outs to access the river. This includes our put-in for our Gentle Family Rafting & Full Day Rafting Tours. Exclusive access to whitewater rafting is what we have for you when you raft with Alpine. If you’re planning on spending a day on the Kicking Horse, it’s well worth joining us and experiencing Yoho National Park in a way only Alpine guests get to do. This 4 km section of river also boasts 3 small rapids that are safe and thrilling for small children! The kids will love it. In addition, if we are going to see any wildlife throughout the day, it will generally be within Yoho National Park.

  • Feast with Us 

    Another reason to raft with us is the delicious food! As one of the pioneers of rafting on the Kicking Horse River, we have maintained a beautiful riverside BBQ lunch area. Our open concept area boasts plenty of sun and a constant breeze. We are very lucky to have a spacious area to host you and your friends for lunch. We offer the most varied meal options for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans! We also have a timber dining pavilion for your dining comfort.   

  • 10+years as a Five Star Attraction

    For us, word of mouth is paramount. If you have a great day – you’ll tell your friends. We don’t push for reviews – we invite honest, truthful reviews to be published organically, should you choose to 🙂  We are rated #2 on TripAdvisor for Whitewater Rafting on the Kicking Horse River as our happy customers are often enthusiastic about sharing what a great trip they had.  We’re thrilled to announce that we are celebrating over 15 years as a 5 star attraction! Didn’t have a five star time? Sometimes it happens – and we would like to hear from you about it. Please email

  •  Family Friendly Fun

    We know travelling with little ones can really add up! We strive to bring value and break the cost barriers for even the youngest adventurers! Our Gentle Family Rafting is for ages 4 & up & includes Yoho National Park. Kid tested & family approved. So families with small children, we have an affordably priced adventure for you!  The river environment is fascinating, filled with wonder & awe around every bend in the river. Fresh air, sunshine and a family bonding activity like whitewater rafting are all you need. Our Gentle Family Rafting Trip is sure to please!

  • Lots of Choices

    – We have the finest and most complete selection of river adventures.  From Heli Rafting  to Kayak Rentals & 5 other options in between, we have something for everyone. Our passion for rivers – all rivers – is reflected in the quality and selection of tours we offer.

  • Location, Location, Location  

    Looking for whitewater rafting in the Canadian Rockies? The Kicking Horse River is a premiere whitewater rafting destination in the Canadian Rockies. Plentiful rapids like no other river in the Canadian Rockies. Alpine Rafting headquarters are also in Golden. Short bus rides to and from the river mean that we can minimize your discomfort and maximize your fun time. Companies travelling to the Kicking Horse River from Alberta do so with generally 2 hours of commuting.  Let’s leave the commuting back in the city, shall we? If you are coming in from Banff, Lake Louise or Jasper we promise the drive to Golden will not disappoint. In fact, you will gain the bonus attractions of visiting one of Canada’s oldest & most stunning National Parks – Yoho.

  “Why choose Alpine? The Reasons to raft with us are many – however, the most important reason is not something we can explain. That impalpable sense of wonder you get coming around the next bend  in the river, the surge of adrenaline when glacial water splashes you for the first time. The adventures we offer provide things we simply can’t put into words. Being on the river will excite & recharge you in ways you’ve never felt. Join our team this summer for your own little bit of river magic”

-Team Alpine


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