Gentle Family Rafting Frequently Asked Questions

Whats for Lunch

On your Gentle Family Rafting trip there is a Riverside BBQ Lunch included. Check out What’s for Lunch. 

For the young kids we have added hot dogs as a choice for their meal as some kids prefer that over steak, salmon or chicken. We will ask you upon check in what you would like for lunch.

What should we wear?

Because the Kicking Horse is a glacial fed river, we are going to provide you a wetsuit, neoprene boots, spray jacket, life jacket and helmet

We will ask you to bring a bathing suit and a towel. There will also be a reminder of this in your confirmation document. If you are coming with small children, if you have a fleece or a wool sweater, something not made of cotton that can get wet, please bring it as an extra layer of warmth. It will be worn on top of the wetsuit but underneath the spray jacket. We have a few spares at our office, but sometimes we run out.

Do you have any other Options for Families other than this trip?

For families with children who weigh 90 pounds or greater, we recommend tackling the Full Day Rafting or Kicking Horse River  Half Day Rafting

as we have seen from experience kids greater than 90 pounds generally are looking for a little more thrill than the Gentle Family Rafting Provides.

How Long is Your Gentle Family Rafting Trip

Our Gentle Family Rafting Trip is 3.5 Hours Long.  A total of 1.5 Hours of that is spent rafting, a total of 12 kilometres on the river. There is a Riverside BBQ Lunch. Most days this tour departs our office at 10 AM and returns at approx 1:30 PM

What does a “Fast Paced Float” Mean?

Our Gentle Family Rafting Trip is considered a Fast Paced Float. It is geared towards families and folks who are interested in a day out in nature but don’t want to experience too much whitewater. What that means is – the water is moving at all times are we are on a river. There are a few Small Rapids that may or may not lightly splash you and your family. You will get splashed but not soaked on this tour. If anyone in your group is over 90 pounds, we would strongly recommend that you also consider rafting the Middle Canyon of the Kicking Horse River. The reason is children that meet the 90 pound requirement that only raft the Upper Canyon generally return disappointed, meaning they would have enjoyed more whitewater

Can you explain to me how this works ?

Sure! We’d love to! Every day from mid-May to mid-September we run Whitewater Rafting, Stand Up Paddleboarding, & several other tours. All of the tours that we offer are based on river experiences, and all of our tours are guided. This means that you don’t need any prior experience. It helps if you are adventurous – but even that isn’t a prerequisite!

You can book 1, 2, 3, 4 or many more people at once, you don’t have to fill the boats or worry about even numbers – let us take care of that! Once you book in, we will send you a confirmation that goes over what to bring, what time to arrive, as well as a map to our office.  The confirmation will let you know that we are going to provide all your on river gear ( for each tour this may be slightly different)

When is the best time to book for Summer 2018?

With summer well underway, we recommend locking in your dates for your Whitewater Rafting trip down the Kicking Horse River as soon as possible. The reason is, the Kicking Horse River run is extremely popular and our seats do fill up fast.  If you need to cancel there are no penalties within 72 hours prior to trip departure. So rest assured that you can place your reservation with us, lock in your seats and receive your confirmation. Should your plans change, no worries. Just give us a call and well be happy to reschedule or provide you with a full refund. Within 72 hours of trip departure we retain 50% of your deposit. We always say that even letting us know the night before that you can’t make is better than a no show. If we can fill your seats we are happy to return your 50% deposit to you. If you need better still we do offer a $5 per person cancellation insurance upon checkout which waives the 72 hour cancellation policy.


Yes, we do fill up!  Our rafting season is from May – September.  Weekends are the busiest, but midweek is notorious for filling up in July and August. If you know when you would like to go, book, and you can always cancel up to 72 hours prior to departure for full refund. We always say it is better to book and get your seats locked in with the possiblity of cancelling, then to miss our because we are full. Also, when checking out online, you can take advantage of our $5 Per Person Cancellation Insurance, which waives the 72 hour cancellation period. This is great for people that do shiftwork.


If you are pregnant, unfortunately we are unable to take you Whitewater Rafting.

What is the best trip for a Family?

For a family with small children (ages 4 to 10) we recommend our Gentle Family Rafting Trip. For a family with Children over 90 pounds, we recommend our Full Day Rafting.  16 years of age, we recommend all our rafting trips. Remember, our trips are flexible in that some family members may opt to continue on after the calmer sections to tackle bigger rapids, while the rest return to our office.

Some of our Family members don’t qualify for the Middle Canyon, can some of us raft the Middle anyways?

Not a problem. Our trips are flexible. For Example, a family of four could depart for the Family Whitewater at 9:00 AM. All four would enjoy the Upper Canyon, and all have lunch together. Following lunch, the two older, or more adventurous members of the family could continue on and raft the bigger rapids of the afternoon. The two who are not continuing on would be shuttled back to our office.

Will my Child be Safe on the Raft?

Due to the inherent risks of Whitewater Rafting, we cannot guarantee safety. However, our Gentle Family Rafting Trip is suitable for ages 4 & up and the rapids are gentle. If there are any concerns, please discuss them with your guide prior to departure.
We can always make adjustments.

I will be bringing a child that is not my own. Is that ok?

If you are bringing a child that is not your own, contact our office and we will send you a copy of our Liability Waiver. Have
the parent or guardian sign the waiver, and bring it with you the day of the trip.



We are committing to helping you bring your furry friend on your river adventure with us

Golden BC Boarding Kennel

Located in Nicholson: Kicking Horse Boarding Kennel  offers day care or overnight care for cats or dogs. Their phone number is 250-344-2184

Other Options

Our Riverbase Headquarters is a two acre treed location. If you feel comfortable, and if your dog has been left alone before, you can leave your dog at our office for the day. Please park at the back of the lot where there is the most trees and shade. Please note we are unable to check on, walk or feed your friends while you are rafting.  Also, pets should never be left in the vehicle.

Pet friendly accommodations in Golden:  (pet charges may apply)

  • Best Western Mountainview Inn
  • Travelodge
  • Days Inn
  • Prestige Inn
  • Super 8
  • Emerald Lake Lodge (in Field)
  • Mount 7 Lodges
  • Heather Mountain Lodge (west of Golden)
  • Palliser Lodge (KHMR)
  • Cedar House Restaurants & Chalets

Please check out Tourism Golden‘s website for more information on those accommodations.


You are definitely welcome to bring a waterproof camera along, or for that matter your own waterproof video camera. Our guides are super helpful and can even snap some pics or video of your group. These two options are great for getting photos from within the raft. However, if you don’t bring a camera, that’s fine too, as we’ll be taking photos from shore. You can view, download, or share your photos from our Facebook page at the end of the day or at a later time.


Whitewater rafting is fun in any type of weather, provided you are properly dressed. We gear you up extremely well for your day out on the water so we can all have a great day! We raft daily rain or shine, and you’ll get wet either way.


This is common question that we receive. Our wetsuits come in an assortment of sizes. They are suitable for folks as small as 4 years of age, and adults up to 350 lbs. Same goes for the rest of our gear.


You should book as soon as you know when you would like to raft. Key dates in 2018 are already booked out. Our cancellation policy is 72 hours prior to trip departure, so if you need to cancel it’s not a big deal, we offer a 100% refund. We recommend making a reservation as soon as you have a date in mind. Why not check availability now for some dates you may have in mind?