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It’s a warm summer evening. The sun is soft on the peaks, the air is calm and you’re floating through the mountains on an inflatable kayak.

Summers in Golden, BC are special, and our kayak rentals will allow you to get out and paddle some of our beautiful lakes and waterways on your own.

We have one and two person inflatable kayaks, and they offer a really stable way to get out on the water.

Our kayaks are not meant for whitewater, but we can recommend a number of beautiful lakes in the area for you to go and explore.  There are options that are convenient, options that are popular, or options where you’ll be off the beaten path and on your own in the wilderness.

The Columbia River is another option, as it’s a very calm, class 1 river.  It does require your group to have two vehicles, though, as you’ll need to provide your own shuttle.

You’ll want to make sure you set aside a full morning or afternoon, as there aren’t any options for a shorter river trip.

If a bit of independent exploration is on your list for your trip through B.C., renting a kayak will give you the freedom to go where you want to go.

  • Please note that for summer 2024, our kayaks cannot be taken to Yoho or Kootenay National Park. Parks Canada has a full ban in place for all watercraft until March 2025 (at the earliest).  We can offer many suggestions for other lakes in the area so please reach out if you have questions.

Extra Details

  • Rentals include 1 kayak, 1-2 paddles, 1-2 lifejackets and a pump
  • A full day rental is $89.00 (8 hours) and a half day rental is $69.00 (4 hours). Multi day rentals are also possible.
  • Please select whether you want a one or two person kayak at the time of booking
  • Additional gear such as wetsuits, splash tops, booties, neoprene socks and helmets are available to rent during the booking process.
  • Replacement cost will be charged for all gear that is damaged or not returned