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7 Things Only An Adventurous Person Would Understand

7 Things Only A Truly Adventurous Person Would Understand

Adventure doesn’t have to be something that happens to someone else. Adventure is all around you – waiting to be discovered. Even the humdrum of everyday life, even the smallest adventures await ! Its true – the adventuresome know that we all live on the cusp of incredible potential. If that thought scares rather than thrills you, then maybe it is time to look at the world from the adventurous point of view. Wont you join us?

1. You Believe in Your Dreams

The adventurous know of the importance of dreams.  Every day is a new opportunity to dream new dreams, and to begin making them real. You don’t have to travel to far flung places . For us it comes down to Three things: Loving what you do, always think on paper &  keep the fire burning. Do what you love and love what you do.  To believe in your dreams, make sure to find what you absolutely love to do and the go out and do it.  To believe in your dreams, you’ve got to know what you want. One of the best ways to figure that out is to start by writing it out.  After a fire has been burning for a few hours all you have left are hot coals.  But if you add some wood and create a little movement, the coals catch fire again.  That little movement is all that’s needed to keep the fire burning.  It’s the same with your dreams.  A small movement or a small action is all you need to keep your fire burning consistently. Take a small action each day to keep that fire alive.

2. You Seize the Day

The past is past, the future is created and the present is a gift. Adventurous people know the importance of seizing opportunities. They know that once upon a time they made the decision to catch that train, that boat, that flight; and their life changed. Why wait for tomorrow to make a decision?  Determine to live a life of focus. Today, take a stand on one thing you want to achieve in your life and draw up a plan to accomplish it.The more time you spend feeling sorry for yourself, the less time you have to pursue the life of your dreams.  We are all different. Stop comparing yourself to others & fulfill your own dreams

3. You Know the Barriers are Within

Fear and Anxiety. They seem to come from outside. But they are our own personal experiences.

The adventurous all feel fear and anxiety and they have learned to understand them. They know that fear and anxiety exist to protect us from lions and tigers, and not to stop us from choosing a new hobby, a new job, or asking someone we like out. They’ve jumped over the internal hurdles, self limiting beliefs they can help others join them on the other side.

4. You Don’t Let Negativity Bring You Down

Even the biggest winners in life have had hard times. From the IBM chief who didn’t expect the entire world market demand to grow beyond five whole computers, to the doubters of Christopher Columbus and the critics of the Wright Brothers – It becomes clear that every worthwhile plan has its sabotagers,  so if you are doing things out of the ordinary you may  have encountered some negativity yourself. This most usually speaks of the negativity of others.

5. You Know there is No Success without Failure


You may have wanted to travel round the world but quit because of home-sickness, you may have started a business that didn’t gain enough clients – but you know that you have learned from these setbacks priceless knowledge that will help you in future. Edison (one of the greatest inventors of all time) famously never failed but “found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. Without that attitude of his we wouldn’t be able to benefit from the light bulb!

A child learns to ride a bike by frequently making mistakes. All those wobbles and outright falls and crashes are eventually integrated together into a pattern of success. Everyone learns through failure. Those who know this are the one’s achieving great success.

6. You Know How to Deal with Loneliness and Frustration

Stepping out of your comfort zone to experience new peoples and places on your own can be challenging. You might find yourself friendless for long periods in a country where you don’t speak the language. You may encounter unexpected difficulties like natural disasters and missed flights.

Frustration can be overcome by going with the flow, and accepting you are not always in control of events, and loneliness by giving yourself a personal mission. Why not picture yourself as a roving reporter, taking notes on sights and sounds unknowable by those back home? Take a seat in a public cafe, relax, and watch the world go by.



7. You seek Inspiration in Nature


Nature recharges. It excites. In inspires. It heals. It’s also just      a plane, train or automobile away from even the biggest city.     You know that the wonders of nature will be with you in             your heart for the rest of your life; restoring your equilibrium, soothing your soul and providing an unparalleled muse. These are all worth far more than the cost of going there and back again. Get out there


 Serendipity. Call it Synchronicity. Call it what you will, but many adventurers have experienced first-hand “all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance” helping them towards their goal; Providence. Beginnings really do have genius, power and magic within them. So, as the adventurous would say, what are you waiting for?



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