Whitewater Rafting in Yoho National Park 

Some of Alpine Rafting’s Kicking Horse River Trip include a bonus 4 kilometre stretch of river. This signature section of the River is offered by Alpine Rafting. We are the only British Columbia based operator that is permitted to do so. A Cree exclamation of awe, Yoho applies perfectly to this park’s big peaks, expansive glaciers, and impressive waterfalls. Add Yoho’s famous fossils and it’s easy to see why this park in the Canadian Rockies is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Although many of its highlights are accessible by road, Yoho isa hiker’s dream and a railway buff’s delight. But, did you know that Yoho National Park also boasts some of the most iconic Canadian Rockies Whitewater Rafting?

Which trips include rafting in Yoho National Park?

  • Full Day Rafting  This trip begins on the Upper Reaches of the Kicking Horse River in Yoho National Park, and includes the Upper Canyon, Riverside BBQ Lunch and Middle Canyon
  • Gentle Family Rafting Our Gentle Family Rafting Trip begins on the Upper Reaches of the Kicking Horse River in Yoho National Park, and includes the Upper Canyon as well as a Riverside BBQ Lunch

Why We Love Yoho

  • The bonus section that we raft in Yoho is beautiful. The Upper Reaches of the Kicking Horse River are braided. The valley is wide shaped in this section so you can really take in the mountains views from 360 degrees!
  • Look behind you! Experience sweeping views of Mount Chancellor, the first peak over 10,000 feet on the western flank of the Canadian Rockies. This is a vista that not many get to see!
  • Three small, family friendly rapids are included on this section as well. They will get you splashed, and they are thrilling for children weighing in at less than 90 pounds
  • Wildlife. Travelling through the park in the morning, there is a chance we will see Elk, Deer or Bears.
  • You’ve come all this way to enjoy what a classic Canadian Rockies river has to offer, might as well take advantage of the extra section of the River and experience Yoho National Park from the river.