We are open for rafting from June 27 to Sept 12 on the Kicking Horse River in Golden, BC

We’re welcoming guests from all provinces.

It feels like we’ve been cooped up for a while, doesn’t it?    Are you ready to get out and explore our big backyard?

After much thought and waiting, we have established new protocols and procedures to keep both you and our staff as safe as possible.  Some modifications have been made to our trips, but rest assured, the whitewater and family rafting will be as amazing as ever.   Luckily, mother nature hasn’t changed during this pandemic.

Rafting is considered a low risk activity for the spread of Covid-19 as we are outdoors, in wide open spaces where the risk of transmission is low.   When we bus to and from the river, we’ll make sure we space out as much as possible and face coverings will be worn by all when spacing is hard to maintain.   Sanitizing and hand washing will be a healthy part of the experience, as well.

The best thing you can do is book a rafting trip with the bubble you have already formed.  There is also the option to BOOK A BOAT, which will guarantee it is only your group and a guide in your boat at a discounted rate.

British Columbia has officially entered Phase 3 and we’re welcoming rafting guests from all provinces across Canada.

When coming rafting with us, here is what we are asking YOU to do:

1.  Please do not come rafting if you feel sick or have symptoms of Corona Virus, have been around someone who is sick, or have returned back to Canada within 14 days of the trip date.

2. Practice physical distancing (2 metres) as much as possible from people not in your bubble.  We are all used to doing this by now.  Lets keep it up!  Face coverings will be worn when physical distancing isn’t possible.

3. Sanitize and wash your hands often and be ok with mandatory sanitizing times.

4. Bring a non medical face covering.  Recommendations are a buff, bandana or other cotton like face covering.  Please do not bring a paper mask or anything that will fall apart when it gets wet.    We will be wearing face coverings on all bus rides, and in situations where 2 m spacing is not possible.    In cases where we have mixed groups in a raft, we will ask you to wear a face covering when safe to do so on the river.

*** If you don’t want to wear a wet face covering on the bus after your trip, please bring a second one with you.  You can keep it inside your life jacket in a Ziploc bag.***

If you do not have a face covering, forget yours, or bring a paper mask, we have buffs available for $5.

5. Arrive with your swimsuit on under your clothes.  This will keep the change room less crowded and speed up the changing process while keeping physical distancing.

6. Keep all of your personal items (besides medications) in your vehicle.  We cannot allow personal items on the bus.  

7. Book your trip as a group with family and friends already in your bubble.  We’ll try to keep all groups together, but if you are a group of 2, as an example, you will be with other smaller groups in your raft.  There is also an option to  BOOK A BOAT at a discounted rate, which means groups of 4-8 people can have a private boat.  See your options on our trip pages.

8. Sign your waiver online, before your trip.  When you book, you will receive an email with your online waiver.  Please fill it out and forward it along to all group members and make sure everyone has filled it out.  This will limit touch points and save time on the day of your trip.

9. Arrive well hydrated with a full stomach.  Due to Covid-19 we can’t serve lunch on our tips this summer.   Trips that normally include lunch will have a snack and drink provided instead

10.  Please be patient and understanding of our new and extra procedures.   By now, this is nothing new to everyone. We are asking that you be positive and help us navigate these different times smoothly.   We all just want to get outside and have some fun!

Here is what WE are doing:

1. Staff health being checked daily.

2. Checking the health of all guests who arrive for a rafting trip.  You will be asked: Have you experienced cold or flu like symptoms in the last 14 days? Have you been in contact with anyone who has been sick in the last 14 days?  Have you been outside of Canada in the last 14 days?

3. We will politely enforce physical distancing and wearing of face coverings when necessary.   These are 2 very important changes to our program.

4. Additional and very thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all gear worn, used and touched during each trip.  Touch points will be wiped and disinfected several times during the trip.

5.We’ve added a little more ‘flex’ to our cancellation policies. Click here to read more.

6. Outdoors as much as possible.  Check in, intro and safety talks etc. will all be outdoors where we can easily maintain physical distancing.  No crowded indoor spaces.

7. A limit for number of people in the washroom building at one time.

8. A limit to our total trip size.  We will now cap a trip at 40 guest seats to ensure we stay under the 50 person total cap set by the Provincial Government.

9. Staff training on all new procedures that will be documented and signed.

10. Rotating gear.  We have a lot of gear.  Wetsuits, boots, splash tops, helmets.   This means that after it is sanitized and cleaned it will be put at the back of the rotation, and not used for at least 36 hours.

11.  Signage and sanitizing stations to remind all of us to wash up and keep distance from others.

12. Our staff will be provided with PPE when required.

All of this is to help keep you and our staff as safe as possible while having a great time rafting the Kicking Horse River.  We require everyone to comply for this to work, we are trusting you with this.  Remember, we are not making the rules, we are complying with them.  Anyone who doesn’t comply will be asked to leave.

Do you want to read our full Covid-19 safety plan?  Click here

Please note and remember, you are visiting Alpine Rafting and coming rafting at your own risk.   Each guest will be required to sign a release of liability, waiver of claims and assumption of risk and indemnity agreement prior to their rafting trip.  To view the waiver document, please click here.

We are looking forward to rafting with you this summer!